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Travel Services Agreement

This Travel Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), shall be effective and binding upon the parties thereto on the date it is signed by either a Traveling Party or a party responsible for payment. The parties to this Agreement shall include The Custom Vacation Planner LLC (“TCVP”) and any individual responsible for payment under this contract, and/or any individual utilizing services of a vendor facilitated by this Agreement.   This Agreement describes the responsibilities, duties and obligations of the Traveler(s) and TCVP.  The term “TCVP” refer to The Custom Vacation Planner LLC and the term "Traveler" refers to the individual or individuals who signs this Agreement and all individuals utilizing the services of a vendor facilitated by this Agreement.

TCVP RESPONSIBILITIES. TCVP offers retail travel services to Travelers that are provided by separate and independent vendors of travel services.  TCVP does not operate, control, or otherwise provide the services of the independent travel vendors.  Hence, Travelers agree that TCVP acts only as agent for the Travelers in acquiring services for the Travelers benefit.  TCVP shall not be held responsible for any loss, accident, injury, delay, defect, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned, whether by reason of accident, negligence or default or any independent company or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements or otherwise in connection therewith.  It is highly recommended that Travelers purchase a Travel Protection Plan (“TPP”), either as offered by TCVP or as independently obtained by the Travelers.

TRAVEL PLANNING FEE.  TCVP charges a nonrefundable travel planning fee of $50 per trip for those trips which TCVP will facilitate reservations with vendors and manage reservations per the Travelers request.  For those Travelers who prefer to make their own reservations with vendors, TCVP charges a nonrefundable custom itinerary fee of $200, Traveler will be responsible for facilitating their own reservations and managing any changes.  The fee shall be paid by Traveler to TCVP prior to the start of any travel planning services.  This fee is separate and apart from any amount that will be paid to vendors for travel.

VENDOR QUOTES AND PRICING. Availability and price quotes are accurate only to the date and time at which they are created and cannot be guaranteed until final payment is made in full.   TCVP will make every effort to request that vendors honor and uphold prices as originally quoted; however, additional costs by a vendor or government may be imposed due to an increase in cost for one or more of the travel components. If travel is outside of the U.S., some components of the quotes are from foreign vendors.  Traveler must note that currency fluctuate daily with exchange rates and international payment may carry a foreign transaction fee, which is the responsibility of the Traveler. Flight confirmation is subject to availability and prices are subject to change after the date of quote or deposit, including price increases in the fee for a seat assignment, fee for baggage, applicable fuel surcharges and/or an increase in government imposed fee(s) or tax(es).  Other fees or expenses imposed by the vendor, and outside the control of TCVP, may be imposed from time to time. 

TRAVELER RESPONSIBILITIES. Traveler agree to the following by signing below: To be attentive and responsible to TCVP communications with the understanding that some information may be time sensitive, which may affect pricing, to make payments by the stated deadlines, to take responsibility for completing travel specific duties, such as, but not limited to visas and/or vaccinations, and to give due diligence to relevant travel warnings.  

TRAVELER IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY. Traveler is required to send Passport and/or State Issued ID copies for all travelers to confirm reservations.  TCVP keeps these copies in an electronically secure space to utilize for booking purposes and to mitigate unforeseen issues that may arise during international travel.  TCVP strongly urges all Travelers to purchase a Travel Protection Plan (TPP) in the unlikely event of travel delays or injury. The Traveler must provide correct legal names and dates of birth that match identification to be used for travel (i.e. Passports/Driver's License) to TCVP.  Name changes are not permitted on airline tickets in any circumstance.  Travelers are responsible for providing accurate information on the forthcoming Travelers Profile Form.  TCVP is not responsible for costs incurred by incorrect information provided by Travelers for travel planning including reservations and airline tickets.  Please double check TCVP has all information correct prior to authorizing booking to commence. Travel documents, including passports, visas, and health/vaccination certificates required are the Travelers responsibility.  The name, gender and date of birth must match the information listed on the airline ticket(s) and booking records.  Valid passports are required for all international destinations (outside of the continental United States) and the expiration date should be at least 6 months following the return date of your trip.  Some countries require the Travelers passport have two to four blank visa/stamp pages.  Some airlines will not allow the Travelers to board if this requirement is not met. Whether traveling domestically or internationally, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advise that everyone carry at least two forms of acceptable identification in order to board a flight. Travelers are solely responsible for staying informed about current TSA and DHS identification recommendations and requirements for travel.  

CANCELLATION FEES. TCVP charges cancellation fees based on the following schedule: 0-60 days after the initial deposit payment date: $50 per Traveler + vendor's fee, if applicable. 61-90 days after the initial deposit payment date: $100 per Traveler + the vendor's fee, if applicable. 91 or more days after the initial deposit payment date: $150 per Traveler + the vendor's fee, if applicable.**Note: TCVP cancellation fees are separate from the vendor's cancellation fees.  Vendor policies regarding non-refundable fees and cancelation fees will be relayed in the trip proposal.  A cancellation form must be completed and TCVP cancellation fees must be paid to TCVP to move forward with cancellation of any trip components.  Vendors reserve the right to increase prices to cover increased costs, fuel surcharges, tariffs and taxes and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.

PAYMENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The Traveler has the right to choose not to proceed with any travel arrangements, subject to any cancellation fees. TCVP is responsible for sourcing travel packages, presenting quotes in a professional, timely manner and advising on suitable packages being offered by vendors.


TRAVELER REFUNDS. Traveler understand that travel components are refundable only based on individual vendor policy and based on individual vendor timelines.  Traveler will be informed of those details within the proposal provided by TCVP.  TCVP will assist the Traveler with receiving refunds from vendors; however, the Traveler understand that any refunds that may be due to the Traveler is at the sole discretion of the vendor. TCVP shall not be held liable in any form for unpaid vendor refunds or any disputes with vendors.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Traveler authorize TCVP to act as Travelers’ adviser with all travel vendors as indicated in the documents, brochures, correspondence or other communication that will be used for travel.  Traveler understand that vendors are responsible for providing the travel services purchased.  Travelers consent to and request the use of those vendors.  Travelers accept that TCVP is NOT responsible for, nor will Travelers attempt to hold it liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered for any conditions, vacation, or omissions that are beyond the reasonable control of TCVP. In the event that a catastrophic situation should occur to redirect or reschedule travel plans and the vendor is unable to provide Travelers with the agreed upon travel services and/or products, TCVP is not responsible for any loss or damages. TCVP will notify Traveler of the vendor's refund, change and/or cancellation fees and penalties during the proposal phase.  Travelers are aware the airline ticket, especially holiday, group and discounted fares may be subject to the loss of some or all of the fare or require expenditure of additional money if Travelers elect to change or cancel reservation. Travelers agree that adequate Travel Protection Plan (TPP) will be considered for travel to include but not be limited to cancellation and trip interruption; medical and loss of baggage.  If this Travel Protection Plan (TPP) is declined, a signed liability release waiver form will be required. 

Travelers agree with the above terms and conditions and hereby request that TCVP research vacation plans and act on their behalf for the purpose of travel planning and booking. The undersigned agrees to all terms set forth in this agreement:

Travel Services Agreement: Welcome
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