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Rail Travel Is Gaining Popularity

Rail travel is gaining popularity across age groups. With luxury offerings many are surprised to find.

Traveling domestically on Amtrak visiting National Parks or other places of interest in a private room, which includes a private restroom, and delivered meals sound too good to be true? That is an option on today’s rail holiday. Rail travel allows many to take in the view and accomplish work or school in route to destination or start their vacation the moment they step on board.

Exploring Alaska from Fairbanks to Seward with Alaska Railroad. Taking in the beauty of Denali, the history of the land and the people of Alaska. The city life of Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula and breathtaking glaciers. Enjoy views only accessible from the railcar window or viewing platform. On board narration is provided by locals who can answer any question or provide guidance at each stop. Meals available onboard enhance the sense of relaxation and enjoyment. Spending evenings wandering picturesque towns and taking in a wilderness so vast it is hard to believe the place truly exists. When you’re ready reboard and continue the journey.

Looking for even more luxury on your holiday? Rocky Mountaineer, the name synonymous with luxury rail travel in Canada, has just announced the addition of a domestic offering which launches in the spring of 2021. Traveling in luxury cars with glass dome tops allowing for perfect views and gourmet meal service. Narration of sites is provided by onboard experts available to answer any question or fulfill any request. Stop in the evening where passengers disembark and stay the night in 3-, 4- or 5-star accommodations, based on class of service.

Rail travel often follows a route not accessible by car. Allowing passengers to see unspoiled wilderness, wildlife in their natural state and discover unimagined beauty. Create a complete vacation by staying several nights in one location to experience all it has to offer before reboarding for return travel home.

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